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Every year we had awesome people join our team. This year is no different although we are sad to see our dear Mar depart from our team. Being away from Family for a long time is hard and we understand.

This talented witty and funny person was an inspirational soul that enlightened us with her everyday presence, giving us her all from early sunrises to late nights, without ego, selfless and all about what was best for the business and everyone else, always looking out for everyones best interest.

A woman with a professional background who took a gamble on a small company and helped grow that company to the talk of the town. Her contribution was beyond what she brought to the business but to us individually with her patience, knowledge, strength in facing adverse situations fearlessly and with grace.

Scared on her first day on a little Red Vespa she scratched the neighbor´s entire car, but found the strength she never thought she had to not only learn to ride but to deliver on that same Vespa. Delighting our Clients with a her shy smile. Her talents and spirit is of endless love and compassionate which resonate the nature and intention of our company.

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